Pierre Parenteau, the ancestor of all the Parenteau descendants in North America whose family name appeared at the time of Roman France, founded a family line in New France which transmitted to its various branches a unique country in which peace, justice, and prosperity would be promised. When he crossed the Atlantic around 1666 Pierre Parenteau received, as did other pioneers the mission and desire to conquer and settle in this new country with its majestic land so rich in resources. The sword placed on the two hands symbolizes the ceremony which accorded great privilèges.

In a quiet land, the passion of the world

was conferred upon us

a naked sword laid across our two hands.

The first Parenteau families would experience this «passion of the world» symbolized by the fiery light found on their faces showing new traits different from those of their ancestors in France. The Parenteau pioneers had no idea of the identity that their new country would ultimately mold.

Our hearts had never known the light

when in this way the flame was passed to us,

and its illumination deepened the shadow of our features.

   From «Mystère de la Parole»  
by Anne Hébert,
Poèmes, Éditions du Seuil
Translated by Judith Cowan.


LILY WITH BRIGHT BLUE BACKGROUND: French origins and Québécois identity.

STYLIZED FIRE WITH RED BACKGROUND: the fiery flames symbolized the passion of the first Parenteau members for their new country and their desire to develop this land. Fire was essential for their survival.

A SWORD LAID ON TWO HANDS: a investiture symbol. By settling in New France the first Parenteau received land, and his wife was given a dowry by  the King Louis XIV, making them privileged citizens with the quest of founding a family who would make this peaceful and prosperous new world.

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